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: Freestyle As Easy As 1-2

Freestyle As Easy As 1-2

12 Apr

Freestyle is an arm-dominant stroke, meaning the pull is the major source of propulsion. In order to teach swimmers how to maintain constant propulsion, I use a simple progression in my camps called 1-2 Timing. Here’s how it works:

Swimmers perform a series of 25s at various speeds without breathing. Those unable to complete the entire distance with no breathing should swim as far as they can before switching to backstroke for the remainder of the 25. The purpose of not breathing is to provide swimmers with the opportunity to concentrate solely on the right-left or left-right entry of the hands. As the first hand, then second enters the water, swimmers repeat the phrase “1-2” to themselves; and continue to repeat the phrase until the entire 25 is complete. The beauty of not breathing is that it quickly establishes a rhythmical and predictable stroking pattern, which in turn, guarantees a constant source of propulsion from the arms. From here, breathing is introduced, and swimmers are expected to maintain the same 1-2 pattern without any interruption. The 1-2 Timing Concept is an excellent way to remove various hitches common in freestyle.

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