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: Kicking is King

Kicking is King

20 Mar

Did you know that a good breaststroker will generate half or more of their total speed through their legs? Percentages range between fifty and seventy-five percent – with superior breaststrokers closer to the seventy-five percent mark. Bearing these high percentages in mind, breaststrokers should perform a significant amount of breaststroke kick throughout the year to ensure that their legs are adequately conditioned. Kicking on a kick board is one method, provided the hands grasp the board at the midway point to encourage a heel-led recovery versus a knee-led recovery. Other conditioning drills include: streamline kick on the back, vertical kicking, and eggbeater. Butterfly kick (with or without fins) can also be used to condition breaststroke kick, due to the fact that it stresses the hamstrings, a major muscle group used in the recovery phase of breaststroke kick.

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