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: Personality VS. Performance

Personality VS. Performance

20 Mar

Every athlete has their own unique personality which greatly influences their competitive style. In general, personality types fall into three categories: Type A, Type B, and Type AB. Type A personalities tend to be aggressive, impatient, determined and driven. Type B personalities tend to be calm, patient, relaxed, and stress free. Type AB share traits of both personalities.

There is no evidence to suggest that success in any sport is dependent upon a certain personality type; however, there are significant differences in the way Type A athletes and Type B athletes approach competition. Type A athletes strive for perfection and aim to win, while Type B athletes take a more laid back approach to competing and focus more on the fun and thrill of it. Type B athletes care as much about winning as Type A, but their mental approach is totally different. Despite a more relaxed approach, there have been many successful Type B athletes, including Roger Federer who is considered by many to be the world’s greatest tennis player.

In my view, swimmers would benefit greatly if they understood the positive and negative aspects of their personality type better. This is especially true for Type B or Type AB swimmers, who may feel they lack the aggressive edge of a Type A swimmer and are therefore less competitive. Gaining a deeper understanding would also assist them in developing a more effective mental strategy for racing.
Note: There are numerous short personality tests available on the internet for those interested in learning more about their personality type.

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