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: Swim Parenting That’s Right For Your Child

Swim Parenting That’s Right For Your Child

20 Mar

Without question, parents want the best for their children, but at times they may actually do more harm than good. Case in point, many parents give their children last minute instructions prior to competing. In the parent’s mind, they are simply helping their child perform better. From a child’s perspective, their parent has now filled their mind with information that they are unable to act upon unless they deliberately think about it when performing. The problem with this scenario is that in order for a swimmer to perform their best in competition, 99 percent of all thought must occur at the subconscious level. In a recent article, Eight Surprising Characteristics of Winners at the London Olympics, author Garret Kramer found that winning athletes attribute their success to a lack of thought. Kramer states, “Olympic winners know that they cannot consistently reach a state of high performance by using their intellect or employing mental strategies. Why? Because both require deliberate thinking – exactly what is not present when an athlete is in ‘the zone’.”

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