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: The Coach’s Expectations

The Coach’s Expectations

30 Oct

Ideally swimmers should view the coach’s expectations as a set of guidelines intended to assist them in achieving their ultimate goals rather than obstruct them. In a holistic approach, expectations remain somewhat flexible to allow for personality differences and/or extenuating circumstances. A partial list includes:

  • Treat the coach with the utmost respect at all times
  • Treat fellow teammates with the utmost respect at all times
  • Behave like ladies and gentlemen at all times
  • Strive for 100 percent attendance
  • Live a positive lifestyle away from the pool
  • Refrain from whining in practice
  • Refrain from cheating in practice
  • Be a good sport and a team player at all times
  • Strive for personal excellence in the pool and at school
  • Attend all designated swim meets
  • Support all team functions
  • Arrive on time for practice and swim meets
  • Bring all necessary equipment to practice in good working order
  • Refrain from talking when the coach is talking
  • Be open-minded
  • Support the team philosophy
  • Be a problem solver, not a problem maker

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