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: The Missing Link

The Missing Link

08 May

Food can be many things to many people. It’s essential. It’s fun. It’s delicious. It’s entertainment. It’s comfort. It’s energizing. It’s a boredom beater. It’s a reward. It’s a reflection of one’s self-image.

From a swimming perspective, food is a performance enhancer on many levels. Swimmers who follow a sports-based diet have more vitamins, minerals, and calories – to perform at higher levels both in practice and competition. Other benefits include:

  • an increase in overall conditioning levels
  • an increase in strength levels
  • a reduction of total body fat
  • an increase in lean muscle mass
  • accelerated muscle growth and repair
  • improved hydration
  • a stronger immune system
  • an increase in metabolic function
  • improvement in mental capacity, acuity, and alertness
  • an increase in energy levels for everyday life

Parents would be wise to contact a sports dietitian to learn more about proper sports nutrition. It could be your child’s missing link!

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